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Segment your customer list and take action.

Sync your Stripe customer list to create dynamic segments. Send targeted emails, set feature flags, and surface custom pricing plans or offerings.

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Define segments
Call the API
Set actions

Let's make it personal.

Automated flows

Send email, SMS, or push notification campaigns to each user segment.

Feature flagging

Define which segments get access to in-app features using the Velvet API.

Pricing & offerings

Surface personalized pricing, offerings, or promotions for each user segment.


Sync your Stripe customer list.

Use Stripe Connect to populate your customer list. Layer on additional data sources and eventing when you need more customer context.

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Filter and define dynamic segments.

Filter your customer list and create dynamic segments. Use segments to send campaigns, set feature flags, and personalize pricing.

API + Integrations

Take action based on segment.

Use the API to read a customer record or add more context. Feature flag, trigger campaigns, or give offers unique to that customer.

use cases

What can I use this for?

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Automated flows

Trigger email, SMS, and push notification campaigns.

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Feature flagging

Show features in your product to defined segments of users.

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Pricing & offerings

Surface personalized pricing, paywalls, and offerings per customer.

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Referrals & attribution

Use referral and attribution data to trigger contextual actions.

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State management

Track relevant events and add context to customer records.

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Dynamic segmentation

Filter and create customer segments that evolve with user actions.


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make it personal

Segment your customer list and take action.

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