Warehouse your LLM requests.

Store OpenAI requests to PostgreSQL, use anywhere. Query, experiment, and build better AI features.

Store your data, use it everywhere.

Capture requests
Warehouse data
Query & test
Data pipeline from OpenAI to Postgres

Collect every call from OpenAI

Capture requests and responses from OpenAI. Gain dynamic information on engagement, costs, performance, and more.

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Warehouse LLM calls in Postgres

Store LLM requests directly in your database. Access data natively to analyze and build performant production features.


Access your data in your database

Query your LLM calls just like the rest of your production data. Store, forward, and query your data to develop valuable end user features.

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Use velvet

OpenAI to Postgres data pipeline

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Store requests

Warehouse OpenAI requests and responses to Postgres.

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Query data

Natively query your LLM data without sacrificing control.

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Forward logs

Send your LLM logs to any proxy service with full context.

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Analyze performance

Report on granular feature usage, engagement, and costs.

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Optimize context

Structure and experiment with data context as you iterate.

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Test and deploy

Monitor production and QA in development before releasing.

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Warehouse your LLM data, use it everywhere.

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