Ship better features, faster

The real-time personalization engine for your product.

Use our database service to unify customer data, identify insights with AI, and ship personalized features.

Built for product & engineering
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unify data
Webhooks + DB
AI sidekick
Identify queries
use our API

Build a product that knows your customers.

Fast database
Unify your data

Ingest events from any source or DB. Build a source of truth.

AI analysis
Identify queries

Query data with natural language. Identify trends and take action.

Simple API
Personalize features

Use real-time data to personalize your product with the API.

source of truth

Data queries you can depend on.

Capture real-time data from any third-party tool or your internal database. Get a querying database per workspace, and a table per source.

customer list illustration
customer list illustration
Intelligent queries

Identify trends with our AI editor.

Return complex queries and save them as API endpoints. Target features at cohorts of users, or make dynamic features just for them.

Simple API

Personalize your product per user.

Use the API to ship personalized features. For example - Personalized recommendations, per-user messaging, dynamic pricing, and more.

personalized features
system of record

Your new personalization engine is waiting.

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Performant database

Ingest any data source and query across tables in milliseconds.

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Unified data

Search across all third-party webhooks and your internal database.

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AI sidekick

Identify important trends in your data + ask complex questions.

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Query API

Save AI-assisted queries and access them as API endpoints.

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Dynamic personalization

Target features at subsets of users or surface results in your product.

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Insights dashboard

Measure the velocity of your query results to analyze impact.


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Use real-time customer data to personalize your product.

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