Warehouse your LLM requests.

Store OpenAI requests to PostgreSQL, use anywhere. Analyze, optimize, and fine-tune your AI.

Leverage your granular LLM data

Log requests
Warehouse data
Query & train
Data pipeline from OpenAI to Postgres
Use velvet

Control your data, optimize your AI features

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Store requests

Store LLM calls to Postgres. Use data to analyze, test, and train.

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Query data

Granularly query your LLM data without sacrificing control.

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Forward logs

Send your LLM calls to any service with full data context.

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Analyze performance

Break down usage and costs of models, features, and versions.

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Monitor features

Capture errors, vulnerabilities, and feedback as you iterate.

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Test & train your AI

Use data to optimize prompts, test context, and fine-tune models.


Log every request from OpenAI

Capture requests and responses from OpenAI. Record granular data on engagement, costs, performance, and services.

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Warehouse LLM calls in Postgres

Store LLM data in your own database. Get a table with all request data you send. Specify model, feature, context, version, and more.


Use data to optimize your AI features

Query LLM requests to analyze usage, optimize context generation, and fine-tune models. Build faster, cheaper, more accurate AI.

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ai-first data PIPELINE

Warehouse LLM requests, optimize AI features.

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