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Sync your product with real-time data.

Imagine you met someone for the fifth time, and had no memory of the first four times. You'd have to start from scratch, learning about where they grew up, who their family is, what they do for work. It would feel transactional and annoying each time. Eventually, they'd stop returning your texts.

Similarly, your product is only as powerful as the context it has on each end user. This becomes especially important once you have a long history with someone and many moving pieces. Imagine they do a free trial, subscribe, unsubscribe, then subscribe again. It's critical to understand their full journey, not simply their current status.

Velvet connects every data source to your product via one API, so it has the context to know your customer.

Ship dynamic features, personalized to each end user.

Ship product features that feel more human.

For example, when a "super user" opens your meditation app, you recognize they come back every night to watch a sleep meditation. You push that content to the top, give them a contextual welcome message, and transform the app to dark mode.

Or maybe you're an underwriting service for small bank loans. You know the type of business each banker wants to identify, so you show them a constantly evolving list each time they open their dashboard.

Use the Velvet API to know your users and ship products that delight them.

Unify your data

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Use real-time customer data to personalize your product.

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Simple API
Personalize features

Use real-time data to personalize your product with the API.


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