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Ingest events from any source or DB. Build a source of truth.

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Ingest millions of real-time events.

To scale a startup, you depend on tools like Stripe, Supabase, Segment, Webflow, and more. They build complex systems for payments, hosting, and eventing so you can focus on building a differentiated business - beyond the baseline infrastructure. Each of these tools throws off hundreds of events and webhooks each day, often sitting untouched in your data warehouse (or worse, nowhere).

Velvet captures your events, stores them, and offers an AI-assisted SQL editor. Depend on this system as a source of truth for everything users have done inside your ecosystem - from distinct actions (like tapping a button), to passive events (like a failed subscription charge). We help you analyze profiles to personalize an experience for each end user.

Get a unified view of your data.

Ask questions about your data - like "show me freemium subscribers who read more than 3 articles in the last month" or "show me low-risk businesses to underwrite". We'll return a list of results based on your query in a few milliseconds. Save queries as endpoints and use the API to ship personalized features.

Identify queries

Dynamic personalization

Take action

Use real-time customer data to personalize your product.

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Fast database
Unify your data

Ingest events from any source or DB. Build a source of truth.

AI analysis
Identify queries

Query data with natural language. Identify trends and take action.

Simple API
Personalize features

Use real-time data to personalize your product with the API.


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