Velvet security

Velvet is a database service to manage your data and build real-time features. We manage the complexity of data migrations, data models, SQL, and API endpoints so you can get back to building your product.

Data encryption

We follow best practices when managing remote connections, 3rd-party API keys, and in our application development. We implement granular key management protocols, and raw decryption keys are never stored.

Velvet uses pgsodium's Transparent Column Encryption (TCE) to encrypt text columns. This means you get row-level encryption and your data doesn’t leak into logs.

Key concepts:

  • Key Derivation → Key IDs make it impossible to derive the key
  • Transparent Column Encryption → Columns are encrypted

Read Supabase’s Transparent Column Encryption guide to learn more.

Database access

Velvet can't write to remote connections (like your database) or other data sources.

We do have write access to your Velvet ClickHouse database instance. This is how we introspect on your connected data to write SQL, return results, and save queries. Queries can be used to visualize data, set alerts, and build features using our API.

Velvet is a contained data ecosystem.

Role-based users

We manage granular roles and permissions so you can control organizational access.

  • Super admin: Manage data sources, queries, API endpoints, and organization.
  • Admin: Manage data sources, queries, API endpoints, and invite members.
  • Contributor: View sources, add queries, API endpoints, and members.
  • Viewer: View sources, queries, API endpoints, and members.

You own your data

We provide a database service on top of the data already in your system. We’ll never share your data with third parties or use it internally. If our service is no longer valuable - we’ll delete your account and export your query history, saved queries, sources, and workspace.

Read our docs to get started. We can also support you with data engineering resources so you can focus on building your core product.

Email us any time at, or schedule a call here.

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