How we used Velvet during our product launch

We used Velvet to monitor our sign up funnel, analyze engagement, and automate onboarding. Results? Fewer engineering resources required, faster responses to customers, and a better user experience.

Our launch goals

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Analyzing the launch

Velvet sits on top of all of our data sources - like Supabase, Stripe, and our product eventing. So without any extra work, I was able to ask natural language questions about the launch and return live data results.

  • "How many new accounts were created yesterday?"
  • "What organizations were created?"
  • "How many queries did each of those accounts run?"

After sharing our high-level results with the team, I dug into each account so I could reach out with a personalized message. I could run queries like this without extra engineering, which was a huge win during a busy launch week.

  • "Return a list of emails for all new customer signups from this week"
  • "Add a column for whether they’ve created an account"
  • "Add a column to display their organization and another for their workspace"
  • "Show whether they’ve attached data sources"
  • "Show how many queries they’ve run"

We ran a ton of these little experiments - you can see one of them below. We saved these queries, and I came back to them each day to inform customer follow-ups.

Post-launch customer success

In the days following our launch, I sent personalized emails to each new customer who signed up. I used the analysis from my Velvet queries to personalize the email to each customer. These queries can now power automated workflows and features, like the ones listed below.

  • Automated onboarding email campaign
  • Paywall for this cohort of new users
  • Analytics dashboard

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How we used Velvet during our product launch

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