Sync your database - How it works

With Velvet, any product stakeholder can securely query your database alongside additional data sources. Execute complex joins without painful data transformations or ongoing engineering support.

Sync your database to Velvet

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How it works

No more painful data transformations or migrations required. We leverage ClickHouse’s Table Engines to give you direct read access to your databases, 3rd-party APIs, and events. Each workspace is isolated as a separate database. And access is granular, with specific readonly query users per workspace.

Connecting your database is easy and secure. We partnered with the team at Noble IP to support first-party static IP addresses. Database credentials are encrypted using pgsodium's Transparent Column Encryption (TCE) with Postgres.

Once your data is connected, our editor uses LLMs (currently OpenAI and Azure) to write complex SQL for you. We generate dynamic context based on your unique data model. Use the editor to build iterative queries, return results in milliseconds, and collaborate with stakeholders.

Learn more about how it works in our infrastructure and security articles.

Streamline your workflow

Query all your data in one simple interface — get native feeling joins across synced databases, 3rd party APIs, and event streams.

Email us any time at, or schedule a call here.

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Sync your database - How it works

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