Supabase and Velvet

Use Velvet to query your data in Supabase. Sync your database tables to ask questions.

Query your Supabase data

Some of your company's most valuable data lives inside of your application database. You can set up Supabase as both a database source and an event-based source. Use Velvet to unify data sources and write SQL directly. Accessing all your data in one place opens up a ton of possibilities, not only for you - but your entire team.

Use Velvet as your daily sidekick to write product queries, keep internal stakeholders aligned, and build new features using shared building blocks.

Velvet's AI editor allows anyone on your team to interface directly with your data.

How it works

We've engineered a data pipeline so you don't have to. Under the hood, we use ClickHouse to bring all your data together into one queryable interface. Each organization's workspace a ClickHouse database, and each source is a table.

Don't know all the specifics of a data source's schema? No problem. Ask any natural language question about your product and our AI editor introspects on your data to write the SQL for you. We've built in "healing" on errors, and the editor recommends additional queries that may be of interest based on the shape and patterns of your data.

So you can write queries like this, without breaking a sweat.

Connect Supabase

Connecting your Subabase database tables is easy. We use ClickHouse's Table Engines to enable read-only access to your database. Choose which tables you want to give access to, or create read-only database users. Each table you add maps to a table in Velvet. Read our docs to connect your database. It's a quick set up.

You can also capture specific Supabase webhooks for additional context. Each source has its own event queue. This feature is super flexible — send us any JSON and we’ll write it to your events table for that source. Read our docs to capture events from any source.

We're here for you! As an early-stage startup ourselves, we welcome your feedback and ideas. We can be as involved as you'd like in getting Velvet set up and productive for your tech stack.

Email us any time at, or schedule a call here.

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