Enter the Velvet challenge

Try the Velvet editor and share your feedback. We’ll send a first place prize, plus $50 gift cards to the next 10 people who share the best feedback.

Rules of the game

Velvet is an AI SQL editor designed for engineers and PMs who work at tech startups. But it's easy to use, and we welcome anyone to enter the competition!

  • Create an account and run at least 1 query
  • Fill out the survey

"Best" feedback criteria:

Collect the most points to win the first place prize, plus $50 for the next 10 places.

  • Create an account [+100 points]
  • Connect your database [+1,000 points]
  • Write the most interesting or complex query [+5,000 points]
  • Share feedback, feature requests, or ideas [+100 points]
  • Share a screen recording using the product [+100 points]

There are two ways to participate:

  • Use the demo workspace: 5+ minutes
  • Connect your own database: 20+ minutes (but way more points!)  

How to play

Follow these steps to get started.

Watch the video if you want more hands-on assistance. Complete the survey to enter the competition.

  1. Create a Velvet account - here
  2. Connect your database - Follow the docs (or use the demo workspace)
  3. Use the AI SQL editor to query data - Capture screenshots or a video
  4. Complete the challenge survey - here

Enter the competition

Complete the form here for the chance to win a $50 gift card. There's a surprise prize for the #1 winner - and it's worth it! Thanks for playing.

Email us any time at, or schedule a call here.

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