All your data, one tool

Make everyone on your team a data engineer.

Query all your data and ship new features with ease. Spend more time building your product.

For product & engineering
Illustration of an application using the Velvet system
ai sql editor
Define queries
real-time data
Build features

Accelerate your team's data workflow.

Define queries
Write complex SQL

Parse volumes of data using AI, without slowing down production.

Shape data together

Turn queries into tables, graphs, and alerts for the whole team.

Build features
Use real-time data

Ship and maintain data features using query API endpoints.

unify data

Store as much data as you want.

Capture real-time data from your database, 3rd-party tools, and events. Get an analytics database per workspace and a table per source.

image for data storage
write a SQL query with the AI editor
ai Sidekick

Run queries across all your data.

Write complex queries using AI and save them as API endpoints. Track movement over time or leverage queries directly in your product.

API endpoints

Ship features using real-time data.

Spend more time building features and less time building reports. Use Velvet to facilitate a faster product development workflow.

Collect data, identify queries, define feature, surface in product
do more with your data

Start using all your data.

table icon
Performant database

Ingest any data source and query across tables in milliseconds.

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Unified data

Query across all your events and remote database tables.

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AI sidekick

Identify important trends in your data + write complex SQL queries.

groupings icon
Simple API

Access queries as API endpoints to ship dynamic features.

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Dynamic personalization

Target features at subsets of users or surface data in your product.

graph icon
Visualize queries

Build AI-assisted visualizations to track movement over time.

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All your data, one tool

Make everyone on your team a data engineer.

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